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Wyndham Eid Festival is the most popular Multicultural event in the western suburbs of Melbourne. The Eid festival is an traditional celebration of Muslim Eid and is organised immediately after the Eid ul Adha. The Wyndham Eid Festival is promoting Multiculturism and harmony in various communities and providing platform for local businesses to exhibit their products and services. The variety of delicious food allows communities to meet, eat and greet.The festival is an opportunity for families to get together,do Eid shopping and eat delicious foods from a variety of stalls. The community groups, individuals, and business community place variety of stalls containing promotions of business, services, handicrafts, art, painting, clothes, jewellery, henna, bangles, shoes, toys and large variety of ethnic food.The Eid festival also promotes social interaction between diverse communities of Australia. The complete family event encourages all the members of the family to truly enjoy and celebrate Eid with the wider community of Australia. The different types of Cultural Performances and Fun rides along with the Fireworks are part of the GRAND Eid festival celebrations.